Cindy has been our realtor for over 20 years and we wouldn't even think of going with anyone else. Besides being a consummate professional with years of experience and knowledge of the real estate industry, she always goes above and beyond to ensure that every phase of the transaction proceeds efficiently and favorably. She does a serious amount of research into the market, pricing and particulars unique to a property and always gives sound advice. We trust her implicitly to guide us whether we're buying or selling. We love her!

Donovan & Theresa R.
October 2023


Cindy Webb is a superb Real Estate agent!

Melanie T.
September 2023


Cindy Webb was, and is, the best real estate agent we have ever worked with. My wife and I have owned and sold and bought a number of homes over the years and never had an agent as great as Cindy. She is special!

Bob B.
December 2022


Cindy Webb is a consummate professional. So knowledgeable and helpful. She assisted us in making exactly the right decisions at the right time in a fast-changing market. Could not have bought/sold without her!

Brent & Martha K.
July 2022


Cindy is very professionally thoughtful with every detail. Her expertise is very evident and she is a delight to work with, as well. We trust her. She listens and gives us wise direction. Thank you, Cindy!

Joyce B.
May 2022


Cindy is amazing! We could have not been happier with her and definitely would refer her to anyone else who needed her services.

Chad S.
April 2022

The Best

"Cindy Webb is the best Realtor I have ever worked with. We trusted her immensely in every aspect of buying and selling our home. She was always available and helpful through each process, her knowledge is unmatched in the industry. I whole heartedly recommend her to other buyers and sellers if they are looking for a trusted Realtor to help them fulfill their individual needs. She is wonderful to work with."

Elizabeth Calvert, 2/8/21


"1st CLASS!"

Jan Euley, 9/8/20


"So thankful for Cindy! I moved out of state and she handled everything for me, couldn't have done it without her!"

Enda Whitaker, 1/27/20

Thank You

"Cindy is a true professional! Helped me with every step of both selling my house and buying a new one. She is an expert in selling homes in my neighborhood! She's the agent you want if you are selling your home in Hampden Hills! Thank you so much for all your assistance!"

Carol Doing, 8/9/19

Overall Joy

"Cindy was an overall joy to work with. She was very knowledgeable about the market, market trends and Denver neighborhoods. As a purchaser, she negotiated many favorable things for us. She was also thoughtful and took the time to understand the kind of homes and attributes that appealed to us."

Kathleen Westcoat, 6/5/19

Absolutely The Best

"Cindy Webb is absolutely the Best! She is professional and does her research on what you are looking for. She listens which was the most important aspect when relocating to a new state. She made my search effortless!"

Sheryl Hopkins, 5/13/19

Helped Us Buy & Sell

"Cindy has helped us buy or sell several properties. In each case she has exhibited complete professionalism. We highly recommend Cindy and will use her services again if need arises."

Mike Hall, 2/28/19

Above And Beyond

"Cindy is wonderful. She went above and beyond to sell our home!"

Carrie Moore, 2/6/19

Helpful In All Aspects

"Cindy was very helpful in all aspects of the sale of my Mother's condominium. We were always informed about showings and feedback. She was always in touch, and answered all my questions promptly."

Jennifer Flournoy, 12/26/18

Sensitive To Our Needs

"Cindy Webb is a very personable and well informed agent. She is very sensitive to the needs of each client and does her best to make the process as seamless as possible. She is well aware of the marketplace and values. I would recommend Cindy Webb to anyone buying or selling a home or condo."

Debbie McLaren, 12/8/18

Expert Advice

"Cindy is a true professional. She helped us sell our old home and was there for us when we had some doubts about the fact that is didn't sell as quickly as we'd hoped. She old us that what was happening was normal and to not get discouraged. She was right. We were under contract within about a week after that. Cindy was there for us as we went through all the ups and downs of the inspection, resolution etc. We closed in timely fashion. When we began looking for our new home Cindy was very patient with us throughout the process. We saw many homes before we finally found the one we loved. Once we were under contract Cindy worked with us everyday. e reached a little snag after the inspection but we finally resolved the process and were extremely pleased with how Cindy was always in our corner. Her expert advice was invaluable. We will forever be in debited to Cindy for helping us find the home that is perfect for us."

Jim McMullen, 11/19/18

Great Agent

"Cindy is a great agent. I would highly recommend Cindy for anyone."

Marshal Clark, 9/5/18

Easy To Talk To

"Cindy was extremely knowledgeable in her field. I found her easy to talk to, friendly, and got every detail of what I was looking for. She was quick to respond to my questions and was able to find what I needed extremely quickly. She gave me info and suggestions on the bidding process and helped me straight through to closing and more. I would recommend Cindy Webb in a heart beat."

Theresa Lena, 8/16/18

Delightful to Work With

"Cindy did an excellent job in an unusual long-distance transaction. She is knowledgeable, professional and delightful to work with. I recommend her without reservation."

Ken Jonson, 7/13/18

Extremely Helpful

"Cindy was extremely helpful in explaining everything from start to finish. Even when we got discouraged because the house didn't sell the first few days she made a point of coming over to talk to us and explain how normal this process was. Once we were under contract she helped us every step of the way up to and through closing."

Jim & Deb McMullen, 7/4/18

Wonderful Agent

"Cindy was a wonderful agent who we found through a friend. She was kind and very helpful, especially since we were first time home buyers and needed a good deal of education about the process. We did not feel pressured at any point, and felt Cindy was like a family member who wanted to help us by finding the right place that we felt happy in. We also felt Cindy was on our side and not afraid to stand up for what we wanted when we found the house we loved. We plan to recommend her to any friends who need any agent!"

Neal Brugman, 6/22/18

Pleased In Our Dealings

"We were very pleased in our dealings with Cindy Webb. She was very knowledgeable, worked hard to find houses that meet our criteria, and was extremely helpful as we negotiated this difficult market from across the county. we would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a house in Denver!"

Matt & Diane Gordon, 5/24/18

Very Blessed

"My wife and I consider ourselves very blessed to have had the opportunity to have Cindy as our agent. Her knowledge of the local areas (schools, taxes, communities, etc.) is beyond imaginable. I could not imagine going through this complex and stressful time without Cindy's help!"

Anthonie Ritchie, 4/4/18

Easy To Work With

"Cindy was very easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Cindy took the time to explain in detail any questions we had. She stayed on top of what we were looking for and worked countless hours to research and look for a home that would fit our needs and preferences. We would recommend Cindy to anyone who is looking to purchase a house."

Greg & Deena Harris, 1/10/18

Incredible Job

"Cindy Webb did an incredible job in creating an open honest relationship with me an the buyer. I was 8 months pregnant and Cindy was diligent about closing prior to my baby's birth and supporting me during that transitional time. I highly recommend Cindy and will use her again in my future transactions."

Brooke Reves, 8/3/17

Timing Was Important

"Cindy and Christine are a wonderfully matched pair, working in tandem, and individually, to help us sell our not so 'run of the mill' home and horse property; then being spot on, finding the perfect new home for us to purchase. Timing was very important, between the two transactions, and everything worked out very well! Thanks you Christine and Cindy!"

Susan Mueller, 5/25/17

Pays Attention

"I cannot say enough good things about Cindy Webb. I was a Real Estate broker for 28 years and never experienced anyone in the industry perform the way she does. She pays great attention to the details from the listing presentation to the final closing of the transaction. She always responded to questions or concerns the same day they were presented. She is full of ideas as to how to best present the property. If I were still in the real estate business I would incorporate many of her work practices into my business plan. Again, I cannot thank her enough for her dedication and professionalism. Thanks, Cindy."

Les White, 4/12/17


"The minute I met Cindy, I knew this was the agent that we needed to sell my mother's home. The house was a total wreck, full of trash. She was very upbeat and explained the entire process of getting it ready to list. In less than a week we had the house staged and ready to list. The process of listing the home was a breeze. We simply did in online, as we live out of state. She constantly stayed in touch via email, text, and telephone. The closing on the house was the easiest closing I have ever been involved with. I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone that needs to buy or sell a home. 5 stars for you Cindy!"

Eric Luby, 4/11/17

Courteous & Friendly

"Very courteousness and friendly, could tell Cindy was more concerned about my home buying experience than with her commission. Extremely satisfied overall with the service she provided, would recommend to all my friends and family."

Nick Peterson, 2/10/17

Wonderful to Work With

"Cindy has been wonderful to work with. She follows up on everything and thinks about different scenarios that one might not have considered. I really appreciated her knowledge, insight, and experience. Cindy is a consummate professional. She is timely and meticulous with a bright, friendly personality."

Melanie Thompson, 2/2/17

Third Time

"This is the 3rd time we have used Cindy's services. The 1st time she helped us sell my mother's townhouse. My mother had died and I had a difficult time with the finality of it all. Cindy understood and really helped me through the process. The 2nd time, was to help my daughter purchase a condo. Since there were many requirements and not a lot of money it was a process. Cindy listened to what my daughter wanted and was somehow able to come up with a condo she could afford that met all of her criteria. Cindy was extremely patient, helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. this past year, we asked her to help s sell our home of 28 years. She provided invaluable advice on what changes we needed to make for it to sell. When there were issues with the 1st buyer, she went above and beyond to find another one. I do not hesitate to give my highest personal recommendation. If you ever need someone to help you buy or sell a house, Cindy is the one you want in your corner."

Keana Hall, 1/24/17

Reluctant To Purchase

"My wife and I bought our first house many years ago, and it was a terrible experience - bad Realtor, always last-minute 'surprise' phone calls, often unresponsive. I was so scared from that experience, I was reluctant to purchase a home ever again. When it became evident that the rental home my family and I lived in would soon be on the market, I called Cindy. She knew my background and my fear of buying. My wife and I were incredibly anxious, and even threw a few curve balls through the process. Cindy was simply remarkable in how she walked us through everything - the entire process. She kept us calm, and provided expert advice when the time came to make an offer. Through the offer, counter, inspection - the whole process - Cindy was our guide, our confidant, our counselor. She is gentle but firm, and is resolute in her commitment to her clients."

Wes Skiles, 12/12/16

Cindy Was Awesome

"This is our 4th home purchase and we knew exactly what to expect. Cindy was awesome from the start till the day we signed our house purchase papers. We lived out of state and visited Colorado for a weekend to look at homes. She is a very good listener and listened to what we were looking for. She is very knowledgeable about the various aspects that needs to be looked at while purchasing a home and has an eye for details with which she looked and found things that even we missed. After a full day of showings when we didn't like any homes, she met us the next day with the same zeal as day 1 to make it happen for us. Unlike other Realtors from our past who were always on their phones when we looked at homes, she gave us her complete attention. She is extremely thorough with her communications. She went out of her way a few times to accommodate showings, to take calls on her day off etc. Cindy felt more like a friend than a Realtor. We highly recommend Cindy Webb to anyone who is looking to move into Denver suburbs!"

Priya Iyengar, 9/14/16

Simply Put

"Simply put Cindy gets the job done. It was a pleasure knowing you were on our side."

Cliff Stanley, 9/10/16

Great Advice

"We would definitely recommend Cindy Webb. So many times you hear from people that the only times they heard from their realtor was at the beginning and at closing. That was not true with Cindy. She worked very hard throughout the process and communicated all along the way. Her advice was right on and we received timely results that met our financial goals. she helped us find our perfect new home as well as sold our previous home. We are listing another property with Cindy because we know she will represent us well."

Keith Hammons, 9/6/16

Difficult Situation

" My wife and I found ourselves in a difficult situation when my work transferred us out of the state. We initially met Cindy Webb by chance on your house hunting trip prior to moving to Colorado. At that time we were not sure if we wanted to rent or buy a home. The week was hectic, but Cindy found a way to fit us in to her schedule to show us around and even had several properties for us to look at. We ultimately decided to rent for a year to be certain where we wanted to settle, but we both knew that the moment we were ready to buy a home that Cindy was going to be our real estate agent. We recommend Cindy Webb to you wholeheartedly. Cindy Webb is an experience real estate agent and knows the Denver and surrounding communities very well. My wife and I did note have any experience with the housing market in the Denver area or the process of purchasing a home. We did not make finding a house easy for her, as our wants were very specific. Cindy was right there with us the entire time, listening and advising us, and adjusting our housing criteria as needed. She was tireless in her efforts to find us houses that we could potentially call home and made us feel like we were her top priority. Cindy had endless patience for us and was in constant communication with us throughout the process of finding us the right house. Two qualities my wife and I appreciate about Cindy are her openness and friendliness as a person. Our young son and Cindy bonded as we progressed through our house-hunting journey - not that we needed another reason to like Cindy, but it was a very nice addition to our entire experience. She is a wonderful person to work with during the stressful process of purchasing a home. Cindy Webb helped us find our forever home and we will always be grateful to her for that. We believe that her expertise, caring, and willingness to go above and beyond for us were what made all the difference in the world. We highly recommend Cindy Webb for your real estate needs."

Patrick & Pam Whitehorn, 7/20/16

Answers Her Phone!

"Cindy Webb is someone who always answers her phone when you call. She is responsive and engaged at all times, and her real estate clients are pleasantly surprised to find that she stays that way through their entire home buying or home selling process. Cindy is also patient and will continue to search for your perfect property until that day that she finally hands you the keys at the closing table. Her persistence and willingness to add another happy client to her list is remarkable. You should give Cindy a call now and test my words."

Jon Larrance, 5/27/16

Several Sales

"We have worked with Cindy on several previous sales, and plan on using her for all of our future real estate needs. We trust her judgement completely. We enjoy working with her so much that she has become a good friend of ours."

Terri Reetz, 10/5/15

Consummate Professional

"Cindy is a consummate professional who's expertise allows her to guide her clients through the many pitfalls of the home buying experience. We counted on her vast knowledge of the market, along with her real life experience, to help us make the right choice when purchasing our home. Cindy is extremely thorough and knows what questions to ask, and when. If Cindy does not know the answer to a question, she will find someone who does. Cindy helped us negotiate the best price possible on the home that we purchased. All of these skills, along with her honesty and work ethic makes her our Realtor of Choice. To quote a line, Cindy is 'the best, of the best, of the best'."

Donovan Reetz, 10/5/15

Great Asset

"Cindy was a great asset in selling my home to my daughter and her husband. I travel and would not have been able to draw up any of the documents, meet with the appraiser and work so closely with the lenders my daughter and her husband used. She ensured that all the documents and meetings were completed in a timely fashion. She was able to escalate the closing since my daughter was leaving for a 2 week vacation the middle of August. To top it off, I needed to sign the papers on a different day than the buyers and Cindy arranged for that to happen also. This is the second time I have used Cindy's services. I would recommend her to any of my friends that need a Realtor."

Lenora Francen, 8/18/15

Spent Over A Year With Us

"Cindy spent over a year with us as we looked for a new house. Yikes! That's a long time to be looking for a house! We finally found the right one. We just about brought one that would have required a LOT of work to complete the basement. Good thing we decided that maybe we shouldn't buy that one. Cindy was there as we searched -- listening to our comments, our complaints, our "no, it's not the right house" ... and never, ever being judgmental. She just took us as we came ... day after day after day as we continued to look. Thank you, Cindy, for hanging in there with us until we found the right fit. We appreciate your talking to us, y our sense of what we needed and, mostly, we appreciate you!"

Dianne Holscher, 7/23/15


"We consider it a privilege to write this testimonial. From our first contract with Cindy Webb, we knew we were in good hands. Her energy, perseverance and expertise in home buying in the Denver area was immediately obvious and gave us confidence that we were in good hands. No matter what challenge or obstacle came up, she was honest with us about the reality of the situation and always encouraged us to not give up. She advocated for us with sellers, other realtors and mortgage brokers. If it weren't for her, we might have given up, but during those difficult weeks when no one seemed to be interested in our offers, she kept contacting us and assuring us that the right one would come along. Her experience and ideas gave us a competitive change so that our offer would be seen and considered. Once we had an accepted offer, she was vigilant on our behalf. to fix and repair any issues before we moved in. Overall, we learned a lot for Cindy. we are not only happy customers, but also impressed by Cindy's expertise and character. We will be recommending Cindy and Perry and Co every chance we get."

Paul & Ann Duval, 7/9/15

Great Job

"Cindy did a great job of showing our condo and getting it sold as quickly as possible. We appreciate her knowledge of the field, her expertise on what is selling and her ability to get the condo sold well within the boundaries of what we needed. Congratulations to Cindy indeed."

Dianne Holscher, 5/1/15

Cindy Is Phenomenal!

"Simply put, Cindy is phenomenal! As an out-of-state seller, I hoped to rind a realtor was 'exceptional' in the areas that matter to me most. Cindy exceeded my expectations! Her passion for achieving client satisfaction is anchored to a solid foundation of market knowledge, process expertise and attention to every single detail! It was, unequivocally, the best real estate experience I've had in 20 years of buying or selling property! My highest recommendation goes to Cindy Webb!"

Bridget Toews, 3/29/15